Ambulatory Service - Closer to children and their families, better for everybody.

The cause (reason) for the project

According to a survey carried out by the Center for Juridical Resources, a number of 72,000 children with disabilities was registered in Romania. All these children should be integrated in the school system and only 26,300 children out of the total number benefit from specialized speech therapy sessions in specialized centers, according to data provided by the Romanian Government to UNO- OHCHR on the right to education for people with disabilities. Furthermore, the 568 existing speech therapists in Romania nowadays should assist all these beneficiaries, this leading to a ratio of 1 specialist for 46 children.

There is clear indication that more specialized services for youth and children are needed at the level of our community; the demand outweighs by far the possibilities offered by the government for these category of beneficiaries. Moreover, due to a lack of funding and specialized staff, the youth care services provided by local authorities are poor not only in quantity but also in quality. As far as private practices are concerned, their contribution in the life of the beneficiaries is minimum, as they are neither consistent (lack of continuity) nor professional in most cases.

In June 2015 Pro Juventute decided to support Bună Ziua Copii din România (BZRO) financially for 3 years so that the requested money will be used to build the necessary ltd organization and enable the ltd organization to realize step by step a structural funding.

By means of this project we have set ourselves to value the knowledge and skills acquired during a project financed by the EEA Grants in working with children with developmental delays by deciding upon and delivering services packages for the recovery and rehabilitation of the autistic children and of the speech disorders children.

The goal

The goal of our project is to have a start-up witch offer services for the recovery and rehabilitation of the autistic children and of the speech disorders children and the BZRO team the opportunity to practice entrepreneurial skills and to insure the sustainability of the services created by the organization on the market of the Romanian social services.

The intended results

The results obtained (if already known)